quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2009

The Last Train of your Life

Enke, reserve goalkeeper of the German national team, committed suicide last week.

He parked his car near the train line, leaving it unlocked, in Hannover, a city of its time even in Germany.

Then, he decided to catch the last train of his life:

He decided to get going against him, by the tracks.

Enke´s last train led him to another life, before the hour.

That was not originally his last train, but Enke had lost the will to live.

Successful professional, full of money, when life began to become bitter, he could not stand.

Yes, there are disappointments in life, no money in the world serves as a remedy to cure.

Alías, money alone does not hurt anyone ...

Paul writing to Timothy said it was the love of money the root of all evil:

For the love of money is the root of all evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.
(I Timothy 6:10)

When the bad time comes, you can not buy anything that money can offer, to relieve the anguish of the soul.

Judas was really trying, but the 30 pieces of silver will not eased the conscience:

Also killed himself...

Some of the prophets came to "ask to die."

Enke began to slide into depression two years ago:

His little daughter of 2 years died of a congenital heart problem.

No amount of money through treatments, managed to cure it.

The couple decided to adopt a baby, who is 8 months (typical case of compensation, as if a child were to replace another), but it also did not cure the depression of the goalkeeper.

He could not stand it, and hid the depression of all, to catch the train.

He left a letter saying goodbye, which was not disclosed ...

The worst card that has to read in life, is a letter from a suicide:

It testifies to the total inability to stay alive, it hurts even more by the impotence of those who stayed, it can be relatives, or friends who are suffering even more.

Jesus said that we would have troubles in the world.

But he said to have courage, for He has overcome the world.

And it is Him that we must put our trust and hope, to go through the tribulations that we go here.

The train that will take us to another life, will spend a day.

We just do not know when ...

While he does not pass, we follow the life in the certainty that the setbacks and calamities, we can count on the strength that He gives us these bad times.

Let the train pass at the right time ...

When the time comes when you realize, will already be at the station:

This train is never too late, is the point there.

So do not run toward him ...

Unfortunately, the kind of lives they lead, I see every day many people running on the track toward the train coming, long before the scheduled time.

Lee, following the path of life until the time of final shipment, all the inevitable.

In the Revival Session, Soul Asylum and their runaway train of life - Many people embark on that train soon: